Vaser High Definition
10 Oct 2011
Definition vaser HD is a three dimensional liposuction that removes the fat, thightens the skin and sculpt the muscles. vaser HD created a revolution in the world of plastic surgery by changing the concept of liposuction which traditionaly targeted the fat without affecting the skin or the muscles leaving the body with lesser fat but with redundant skin and no muscle show. vaser HD enabled the qualified plastic surgeon to remove the excess of fat, tighten the skin and sculpt body muscles to get the nice athletic look. vaser HD changed the concept of beauty from slender to slender and athletic. vaser HD changed the concept of surgery from passive to active where surgery mingles with art to create the perfect form.
01 May 2010
Tarragona, Spain: with the EUROLASER 2010: retrospective analysis of 454 procedures of 1320 nm ND YAG laser liposuction